TEAC discusses 2018/19 long-term proposal window, short-term interregional projects


The input parameters for the upcoming market efficiency proposal window were presented at the June 7 Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee meeting.

They cover load forecast, generation expansion, demand resources, fuel/emissions price forecasts, transmission constraints and financial parameters.

The next steps are to post a preview base case next month and solicit stakeholder feedback in August and September.

The long-term 2018/2019 proposal window will open in November and close in February.

Looking to the shorter term, Chuck Liebold, interregional planning manager, said PJM and MISO are conducting a Targeted Market Efficiency Project analysis with the intention of identifying projects that could be proposed to the respective RTO boards by the end of the year.

The first step is to complete a review of historical congestion, expected to be done this month.

At the same time, PJM is conducting a larger interregional study over two years, he said.

Meanwhile, the Generation Deactivation Notification Update noted that PJM has completed reliability analyses and found no impacts from the planned closures of three units:

  • Cumberland County Landfill (1.6 megawatts), in the ACE Transmission Zone, set for Jan. 1, 2019
  • Barbados AES Battery (2 MW), in PECO, scheduled for July 29
  • Hurt NUG (83 MW), in Dominion, also requested for July 29

The Reliability Analysis Update also was presented, highlighting a number of baseline projects on their second review a well as those that are set to be recommended to the PJM Board of Managers for approval in July.