TEAC hears projects for PJM Board approval 


PJM presented several projects that it will recommend for approval at the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee meeting at the April PJM Board meeting on March 8.

Reliability Analysis

During the reliability analysis update, Aaron Berner, manager – Transmission Planning, said that PJM will open its next planning window as early as  May but not later than June. It will be a 60-day window.

Berner discussed the “As Left” 2017 RTEP load deliverability study assumptions for the capacity emergency transfer limit locational deliverability areas and reviewed first reads of supplemental projects.

Berner also gave a second review of several supplemental projects, which PJM will recommend to the Board.

Zone Project Estimated Cost 
AEP Supplemental Jefferson Breakers $5.7 million
BGE Howard and Jericho Park 230 kV Breaker Replacement $1.308 million
BGE Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Swing Transformer Upgrade In engineering
ComEd Supplement Lisle 345kV Ring $30 million
ComEd Supplement Wayne 345–138 kV Transformer 84 Replacement $15 million

Market Efficiency

Study of the market efficiency 2016/17 Long Term Window closed with a review of projects in the BGE transmission zone. PJM will recommend proposal 5E (page 5) for approval at the April Board meeting. PJM completed analysis on the PPL area and currently is not recommending any proposals.

The $25.40 million project had the highest cost among the proposals submitted for the BGE transmission constraints but it also most fully addresses the target congestion drivers at the Conastone-Graceton-Bagley 230-kV line.

2018/19 RTEP Long Term Window  
Next Steps  
Step Timeline
Develop Assumptions March –May 2018
Build Base Case June –July 2018
Identify Congestion Drivers August –September 2018
Post Base Case and Congestion Drivers October 2018
Proposal Window November 2018–February 2019
Analysis of Proposed Solutions March–November 2019
Final TEAC Review and Board Approval November–December 2019

Other TEAC Business

  • The inter-regional planning update included briefs on upcoming meetings with the New York ISO, Tennessee Valley Authority and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.
  • A review of 2018 RTEP Assumptions included a letter from AEP that stated that its portion of the Duff-Rockport-Coleman project that interconnects AEP’s Rockport station to MISO’s Duff-Coleman project has been placed on hold.
  • Generation deactivation update