TEAC presents window information


PJM presented the final assumptions for 2018-2019 Long-Term Market Efficiency window at the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee meeting Oct. 11.

There will be a live WebEx TEAC session on Oct. 24, from 2–4 p.m. (eastern). The session will provide an overview of the 2018/2019 Market Efficiency Base Case and of the overall Regional Transmission Expansion Plan window process, along with a review of PROMOD base case simulated congestion outputs.

Assumptions for the window, which opens Nov. 1, include congestion drivers and sensitivities. PJM also posted 2018 Market Efficiency process scope and input assumptions.

Nicolae Dumitriu, senior lead engineer – Market Services, also gave an update on the 2018 Market Efficiency reevaluation analysis.  He said PJM is currently prioritizing the reevaluation work with the opening of the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan window. Projects that are already in service or with a near in-service date will not be reevaluated and PJM will present completed reevaluation results at the next several TEAC meetings.

In the Reliability Analysis Update, Aaron Berner, manager – Transmission Planning, presented the status of 2018 RTEP proposal window submissions review, reliability analysis results, system requirements and proposed solutions.

Berner reviewed the language that defines why some flowgates and/or projects are excluded from the competitive planning process and why some projects are designated to the incumbent transmission owner.

Next steps for RTEP include the 15-year analysis and retirement sensitivity studies for generation deliverability, summer and winter, as well as a stability analysis.

Dominion Energy presented the needs and solutions for its supplemental projects. Stakeholders also heard updates on interregional planning and generator deactivation notifications.

PJM provided informational postings on the EIPC State of the Eastern Interconnection report and the TEAC whitepaper presented to the PJM Board at its October meeting.