Telecommuting Continues; COVID-19 Load Impacts Updated


During PJM’s weekly update around its response to the coronavirus outbreak, it reported the following updates:


PJM continues to work on its return-to-campus plan in accordance with Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s plan. Gov. Wolf extended the stay-at-home order out to June 4 for counties in the red phase. Montgomery County, where PJM’s facilities reside, is one of those counties that will remain in the red phase.

No date has been set, though Gov. Wolf announced that no return to work in southeast Pennsylvania could happen before June 4. PJM continues in a companywide telecommuting posture.

All of PJM’s social distancing and other coronavirus-related precautions, including return-to-campus plans, are being reviewed by an epidemiologist. PJM continues to have a team of sequestered operators at one of its campuses, and to operate out of three control rooms.

Load Impacts

Since March 24, PJM has seen weekday peaks coming in at about 10 percent – or about 9,000 MW – less than what would be expected, with changes in the weather accounted for. Weekday peak impacts have ranged from 6.5 percent to 15.2 percent (May 5).

Total daily energy use is down to a lesser extent, about 7.9 percent, on average, since March 24.

Weekdays continue to be impacted more than weekends for both peaks and energy usage.

PJM provided these updates in a recent slide presentation.

PJM’s Info-Connection page provides ongoing information and updates about its precautions to maintain the safety and security of its employees, stakeholders and the grid as it monitors the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). For posted materials and meeting information on PJM’s coronavirus-related efforts, visit PJM’s Pandemic Coordination page.

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