Thank You and Farewell


Executive Column  – Terry Boston

Twelve years before I came to work for PJM I happened to be part of a State Department delegation visiting PJM headquarters and was immediately intrigued with PJM and the people that worked there.  I recall my first impression — that PJM was a cutting-edge grid operator, market pioneer and an organization known for world-class practices and that I would like to work there someday. Later, when I was chosen to work here, my impression was more than confirmed. PJM is a world-class organization with a world-class workforce, an engine for economic growth and innovation and a tremendous benefit to the region we serve.

Looking back over the past eight years, I’m extremely proud of what we—PJM, its members and stakeholders working together in collaboration—have accomplished and for the reputation we have throughout the world. Together, with an exemplary executive team and hundreds of dedicated, highly skilled employees (40 percent of which have advanced degrees), we have developed two advanced control centers, innovated new market designs, responded to three 1-in-100-year weather events and navigated the swift fuel shift from coal to natural gas. We did so while using market forces to improve the reliability and enhance the resiliency of the high-voltage transmission system.

As I leave PJM, I take with me many fond memories of the people I’ve been privileged to work with and gratitude for the opportunity to lead this great organization. The members, regulators, stakeholders, employees, the executive and leadership teams, the board and peers—we have all been aligned on a common, noble mission of keeping the lights on for the 61 million people we collectively serve, run fair and efficient markets and infrastructure planning for the region.  Service reliability with system resiliency is the number one priority and an element of the language we speak each day.

A testament to the way PJM operates is that our culture reflects a dedication to excellence that will continue. With Andy Ott taking the wheel, stakeholders can count on continuity in our mission and approach. Andy may not speak with a Tennessee accent, but y’all be rest assured, he speaks the same language when it comes to upholding PJM’s values and performance.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and for your continued contribution to the success of PJM.