Tips & Tools: Effective Documents


The Effective Documents page in the Library is a convenient way to keep track of changes in the PJM Open Access Transmission Tariff, Amended and Restated Operating Agreement of PJM Interconnection, L.L.C.  and Reliability Assurance Agreement Among the Load Serving Entities in the PJM Region (“governing agreements”).

The page provides PJM stakeholders and staff with updated information about changes to the referenced governing agreements that are not yet reflected in the posted versions of those agreements on PJM’s website.

For example: PJM makes a filing with the FERC, which accepts some – but not all – of PJM’s revisions to the Tariff. Since FERC didn’t accept every revision, PJM cannot merge the two versions of the Tariff because the merged version would include the revisions that FERC did not approve and PJM could not incorporate.

The Effective Documents page will have PJM’s filing and the related FERC order so stakeholders and staff can see what FERC did accept and did not accept and what PJM can incorporate into its Tariff.  It is important that PJM staff and stakeholders have this information available to them because once FERC accepts the revisions to the governing agreement, they are considered to be in effect as of the effective date that FERC approved, even if they are not yet merged into the version of the governing agreements that are posted on PJM’s website.

The Effective Documents page is found in the left navigation bar under Governing Documents. It’s also linked on the Governing Documents page.

The most recently updated, effective governing agreement language is posted on the Governing Documents page. The governing documents are also on file at FERC.





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