Tools to Track PJM Operations in Real Time


PJM noted March 23 that it has observed later morning peaks and a lower demand for electricity due to the recent coronavirus outbreak. To help you track PJM grid operations in real time, PJM offers a number of tools.


Track electricity use, power grid conditions and wholesale power prices in real time throughout PJM with the simple and easy-to-use PJM Now app for Android and iOS. The app lets you:

  • Track power prices and trends in real time by location
  • Receive alerts about prices and grid conditions
  • See the current fuel mix

Markets & Operations Page

With similar offerings as the PJM Now app, the Markets & Operations page on lets you:

  • Track power prices
  • See daily load forecasts
  • See the current fuel mix
  • Track ancillary services
  • Track wind and solar generation

Data Viewer

For those interested in taking a deeper look, PJM’s Data Viewer provides more granular information about PJM’s operations.

PJM’s Info-Connection page provides ongoing information and updates about its precautions to maintain the safety and security of its employees, stakeholders and the grid as it monitors the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).