TOs Gain Access to Grid-Viewing Tool

Members Committee Approves Sharing DIMA to Enhance Operators’ Situational Awareness, Aid Decision-Making


Transmission owners within PJM will gain visibility into the system-viewing tool used by PJM dispatchers as a result of changes to the Operating Agreement approved Sept. 17 by the Members Committee.

The revised OA language will be filed this month with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), with the expectation that FERC will act within 60 days to enable implementation of the application.

The Dispatch Interactive Map Application (DIMA), a real-time, geospatial operations tool, enhances PJM dispatchers’ situational awareness of the grid. DIMA enables dispatchers to see a variety of information layered together, including transmission line status, contingencies, substation equipment status and current weather.

PJM implemented DIMA in 2014 for operators by enhancing the energy management system tabular displays with DIMA’s consolidated geospatial display. The tool simplifies and consolidates information from multiple sources into a single display, helping operators to more quickly and easily identify potential problems on the system.

Soon, transmission owners will be able to see the same view and use it in their decision-making.

Ed Kovler, Senior Lead Business Solution Architect – Applied Innovation, introduced the issue in June to the Operating Committee. The problem statement and issue charge were brought forward by PJM and several transmission owners under the “quick fix” process allowed in Manual 34.

The information technology enhancements necessary to offer a read-only view of DIMA to the transmission owners are expected to take several months, according to Kovler.

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