Two Major Grid Operators Embark on Joint Planning Endeavor To Enhance Reliability

PJM, MISO Plan Joint Interregional Transfer Capability Study


PJM Interconnection and the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) announced today that the organizations will collaborate on an informational interregional transfer capability study, set to be performed during the second half of 2024.

Increasing transfer capability between regions may help to support greater grid resilience, particularly following extreme weather events and the influx of renewable generation resources with intermittent output.

Driven by input received by each organization from the Organization of PJM States (OPSI), the Organization of MISO States (OMS) and the Midwestern Governors Association (MGA), the study will identify potential opportunities for near-term transmission enhancements along the seam shared by PJM and MISO.

“PJM looks forward to embarking on this study process with MISO as a path to increased coordination,” said Paul McGlynn, PJM Vice President – Planning. “Ensuring a reliable energy transition requires greater interdependence among regions and careful planning. Advancing this enhanced effort will benefit electricity consumers in each region.”

“MISO and PJM have a long history of working together to address operational and planning challenges in our regions,” said Aubrey Johnson, Vice President System Planning and Competitive Transmission at MISO. “As we continue to focus on our Reliability Imperative efforts, we understand the need to explore interregional planning, and with encouragement from OPSI, OMS and MGA, we will conduct a study that will address both near-term needs and create a model for future studies.”

Specifically, PJM and MISO will work together to explore opportunities to:

  • Engage in joint transmission analysis and coordinated modeling
  • Leverage planning processes to promote reliability and resiliency through holistic, efficient and cost-effective transmission planning for ratepayers

After the study’s conclusion in early 2025, both grid operators will share their findings with the Interregional Planning Stakeholder Advisory Committee, an organization established by PJM and MISO to review coordinated system planning activities with all stakeholder groups.