2017 Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Coming Soon


Next month, PJM will be seeking feedback from stakeholders through the 2017 Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey. The survey, which is conducted every two years, reflects several improvements in approach that came from the 2015 survey feedback.

Based on stakeholder input, the number of questions in the survey has been reduced from over 100 questions to 25. The new format will begin with asking survey recipients to rate “overall satisfaction” with PJM.

The remaining questions will concentrate on PJM’s core business areas – focusing on reliable operations, efficient wholesale markets, proactive planning for the future and an emphasis on the interactions between PJM and stakeholders.

PJM will conduct the 2017 Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey from Sept. 11 to 22, with support from Metrus Group.

“The 2017 Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey was designed with input from stakeholders, to be brief and focused on key areas PJM is targeting for feedback,” said Becky Carroll, director – Member Relations. “We truly value the change-driving insights you provide. We are asking members to please take a few moments to complete the survey before the September 22 deadline.”

Respondents will also have the chance to provide comments or suggestions on areas of success and opportunity. This revamped survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

PJM’s survey vendor Metrus based the 2017 survey on comments and ideas gathered from interviews with both PJM leaders and a diverse set of members. While the survey format and length have changed, the goal of identifying the most important issues to PJM’s members continues. These issues will result in action plans designed to increase satisfaction.

Survey participants will receive an email invitation from the Metrus Group on Sept.11 with an individual link to access and complete the survey. Participants should look for this email to make sure it does not end up in a spam folder.