Tips and Tools – Member Community


Through the Member Community, members are able to find answers to their questions, get the information they need when they need it and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

The tool was designed to streamline interactions with Member Relations in order to save time and better serve members’ needs.

Through the Member Community, members can:

  • Research topics quickly and easily – no waiting and it’s available 24/7
  • Chat live with Member Relations
  • Submit questions, issues and requests directly to the Member Relations team
  • Access a repository of articles or answers to previously submitted member questions
  • Track the real-time status of your requests
  • Reference past and current case interactions with Member Relations
  • Track process status for generation interconnections
  • See trending topics
  • Initiate the following processes:
  • Request demand bid access
  • Request Day-Ahead Energy Market demand bid limit Increase
  • Initiate generation transfer
  • Request a Declaration of Authority