Conservative Operations Declared in Response to Tropical Storm Isaias


PJM has declared Conservative Operations for Aug. 4 in response to Tropical Storm Isaias.

Declaring Conservative Operations allows PJM dispatchers more flexibility with system operations in response to the tropical storm and with the possibility of tornadoes in areas that PJM serves.

At this time, PJM does not foresee any reliability impacts to the transmission grid as a result of the storms. However, PJM continues to work closely with our members to prepare for and respond to any impacts the storm may have.

What Happens During Conservative Operations

The need to operate the PJM system more conservatively can be triggered by any number of weather, environmental, physical or cyber security events.

During conservative operations, system operators have more flexibility to make decisions to maintain reliability. For example, PJM Dispatch reviews and considers recalling or cancelling non-critical generation and transmission maintenance outages and may reduce transfers into, across or through the PJM system, among other actions to increase reserves and reduce power flows on selected facilities.