OC endorses reliability requirement for 30-minute operating reserves


The Operating Committee at its July 10 meeting endorsed two aspects of PJM’s proposal for 30-minute operating reserves.

The group endorsed the methodology to calculate the real-time 30-minute reserve baseline value, which will be applied annually (2018 calculated value of 3,784 megawatts). It also endorsed the following adjustments to the baseline requirement:

  • Gas contingency – 30-minute reserve requirement would become the greater of annual baseline (3,784 MW for 2018) or megawatt value of units affected by the contingency.
  • Conservative operations – adjustments are generally consistent with those made in the day-ahead scheduling reserve.

While the items were endorsed with no objections, there were 48 abstentions. However, members said it was time to transition the reliability requirement to the Energy Price Formation Senior Task Force. That committee meets next on July 17.

The Operating Committee’s work stemmed from an issue charge for the EPFSTF, which is addressing the market and price formation aspects related to a secondary, or supplemental, reserves product.

Supplemental reserves refers to power that can be called upon and received within 30 minutes in the case of an unexpected loss of generation.

The committee also endorsed changes to Manual 3A: Energy Management System Model Updates and Quality Assurance. The changes include new sections for flow circuit breakers and phased projects.

The group reviewed a problem statement and issue charge on fuel requirements for black start resources, which will go before the Markets and Reliability Committee at its Aug. 23 meeting.

Dominion Energy announced the planned August removal of the Carolina 54 remedial action scheme.

Committee members were reminded that as of Aug. 15, data postings will be retired from PJM.com following the implementation of Data Miner 2.

Stephanie Monzon, manager – Markets Coordination, presented the Operations Report.

The group also heard subcommittee and task force updates.