PJM Now App Updates Add Generation Fuel Mix, Day-Ahead Price Trends


The latest update to PJM Now, PJM’s operational data-tracking app for iPhone and Android, is now available.

PJM Now includes an interactive locational marginal pricing map where users can see LMPs by zone, demand curve graphs to view demand by the hour, and how power flows in and out of the region PJM serves. The latest update makes it even easier to see price trends and PJM’s fuel mix.

Track day-ahead wholesale electricity price values by transmission zone

From the Zone LMP screen, tap any transmission zone to show the current locational marginal price. From that popup, press “view trend” to see price trends of both real-time and day-ahead values over a 24-hour period.

Select demand curves by day

From the Demand screen, select today, tomorrow or yesterday to compare the actual, forecast and day-ahead demand curves.

Track tie flow trends

From the Tie Flows screen, tap on any section of the tie flow ring to see a 24-hour trend of actual and scheduled power flows between PJM and its neighboring grid operators.

See the current fuel mix

Open the More screen to select the Generation Fuel Mix feature. See a pie chart that breaks down the current fuel output across the region PJM serves, including renewables. Tap a section of the chart to see the current megawatt output for that fuel type.

PJM Now is available in the iOS App Store and Google Play. Learn more about PJM Now on the PJM website.