PJM Board approves RTEP updates


The PJM Board approved a number of baseline project solutions for inclusion in the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan.

The changes add a net $328.8 million to the RTEP’s transmission upgrades and additions.

After the December board meeting, PJM identified additional baseline reliability criteria violations within the planning horizon of the 2017 RTEP. The upgrades to resolve the new baseline reliability criteria violations totaled $397.4 million.

However, a number of previously approved baseline projects have been canceled or their cost and scope has changed, resulting in a decrease of $68.6 million in RTEP projects.

The three largest projects are two significant FERC 715 local planning criteria projects related to equipment assessments in the PSE&G Zone and one operational performance project on the 500-kV system in the Dominion Zone.

One FERC 715 project in the PSE&G Zone is construction of a 230/69-kV substation at Hillsdale Substation with a tie to Paramus and Dumont substations at 69 kV ($115 million). The other significant FERC 715 project, the Kuller Road Substation project, is estimated at $98 million.

The Dominion Zone project consists of installation of two STATCOM dynamic reactive devices at Rawlings and one at Clover substation ($100 million).

Other projects are two end-of-life FERC 715 projects in Dominion ($12.5 million and $37.5 million) and three projects that total about $29.5 million – new circuit breakers to ease congestion on a 115 kV-line in the BGE Zone, a circuit upgrade in the PP&L Zone and a Duke Energy Ohio/Kentucky transformer reconstruction to ease congestion at the Ohio-Kentucky border.