TEAC discusses reliability projects, deactivation requests


The Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee on Thursday continued discussion regarding a PSE&G FERC 715 local planning criteria project related to equipment assessments.

The project previously had been headed to the PJM Board of Managers for consideration this month along with other baseline project solutions. It was held back to allow further stakeholder consideration.

A third-party condition assessment concluded that structures on the 230-kV Roseland–Branchburg–Pleasant Valley line have reached their end of lives. Several alternatives were evaluated and considered. Due to cost, feasibility, performance and permitting/siting issues associated with the alternatives, the recommended solution is to replace the existing structures with new structures at a projected cost of $546 million.

One member submitted questions about this project and others.

The committee received an update on a short circuit project in the AEP Transmission Zone. An overstressed 345 kV breaker at Twin Branch is being recommended for replacement by a 63 kA breaker. Due to the immediate need, the local transmission owner will be the designated entity. The projected cost is $2 million, and the in-service date is Oct. 1, 2020.

Five supplemental projects were presented for first review:

  • Two breakers at Jefferson in the AEP Transmission Zone are proposed to be removed and replaced at $5.7 million with an in-service date of May 1.
  • In the BGE Transmission Zone, two oil breakers at Howard and two more at Jericho Park are set to be replaced by 63 kA-rated gas circuit breakers at a cost of $1.308 million, with an in-service date of Dec. 1.
  • The Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in the BGE Transmission Zone is planning to add a third plant service transformer. The project will be funded by the generator and has an in-service date of Sept. 30, 2020.
  • A proposal calls for a new 345 kV red/blue bus tie and breaker to be installed and a large hybrid ring bus created at Lisle in the ComEd Transmission Zone at an estimated $30 million, with an in-service date of Dec. 31, 2019.
  • In the ComEd Transmission Zone, the Wayne 345-138 kV transformer 84 replacement would cost $15 million, with a projected in-service of Dec. 31, 2019.

One project was presented for second review: Twin Branch station upgrades in the AEP Transmission Zone. The cost is estimated at $6.4 million, and the in-service date is set for Dec. 31.

Reliability analyses are underway for five new requested deactivations in the Dominion Zone. Buggs Island 1 and 2 (138 MW), Bremo 3 and 4 (227 MW) and Bellemeade CC1 (265.7 MW) would be deactivated on April 16. Possum Point 3 and 4 (317.7 MW) and Chesterfield 3 and 4 (262.1 MW) would be deactivated on Dec. 1.

The Market Efficiency Update included the conclusion of market efficiency re-evaluation efforts for the 2014/15 RTEP window and next steps for the 2018/19 long-term window.

PJM staff also announced the beginning of the two-year RTEP cycle of the interregional planning process.