PJM Gives RPM Review Overview


On Monday, PJM presented plans for the 2018 RPM Quadrennial Review at the Members Committee Webinar.

PJM’s tariff requires the review, which examines the:

  • Shape of variable resource requirement (VRR) curve (also called the demand curve)
  • Cost of new entry
  • Net energy and ancillary services revenue offset methodology

The Brattle Group will conduct an independent analysis through the first quarter of 2018; based upon the independent analysis, PJM will present recommendations to stakeholders by May 15, 2018.

PJM also updated stakeholders on upcoming revisions to pjm.com. Users will have easier access and navigation for a number of categories, including web-based agreements, interconnection queues, generation deactivations and critical energy infrastructure information access.

The revisions will also improve the search function for the Operating Agreement, Open Access Transmission Tariff and Reliability Assurance Agreement.

PJM presented multi-phased planned revisions to address the outmoded section of the PJM/MISO Joint Operating Agreement regarding the freeze date for firm flow entitlement calculations (in the congestion management process). Since the freeze date in 2004, the grid has changed considerably. PJM and MISO will continue to collaborate on additional reform over the next year to find a solution that addresses the antiquated state of the entitlement calculation.

PJM also discussed the Monday morning Stakeholder Process Forum. The forum addressed the crowded meeting calendar, and motions at stakeholder meetings. Discussion will continue and it is expected that it have a first-read at the October Members Committee meeting.

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