Task Force Reviews Capacity Construct Proposals


On Tuesday, PJM and stakeholders at the Capacity Construct Public Policy Senior Task Force examined the results of the recent poll on 10 proposals and accompanying stakeholder comments.

The package poll was designed to gauge stakeholders’ interest in package proposals and types of proposals –repricing or non-re-pricing. The poll was preliminary and non-binding.

The 18 questions covered issues such as reference prices and treatment of subsidized resources. It also contained questions about certain options in proposals – such as opting in or out of iterative auction clearing processes – designed to find out what stakeholders might want if packages were  combined.

Stakeholders looked at proposal tweaks and what might happen with combining or reformulating certain packages.  PJM, for example, will work on revising the reference price in its repricing proposal. One proposal was withdrawn, with nine remaining for consideration.

Dave Anders, director—Stakeholder Affairs and chair of the task force, said everyone “has some homework to do,” before the next task force meeting on October 16. He asked stakeholders to look at the feedback from Tuesday’s discussion, the poll results and the stakeholder comments. He also invited them to  communicate with the proposers.

He asked each proposer to consider the feedback and update their proposals. He also asked the proposers for a short narrative or executive summary, setting forth the goals for each proposal. This would supplement the proposal matrix, which contains the design components.

PJM stressed that it was too early in the process to consider any Board action and the Board has not issued a directive on the task force’s work.