PJM Launches Markets Certification Program


One of the constants in the energy industry over the past several years has been the accelerated pace of change. In the midst of all of this change, market integrity requires that market participants have adequate expertise to transact in the PJM markets.

In an effort to ensure that stakeholders have baseline knowledge of markets and how they operate, PJM is launching a market certification program. Certification defines the required competencies for a work group and recognizes individuals who possess these competencies.

The markets certification will recognize that individuals have demonstrated knowledge of PJM markets and business rules in a number of market topics, such as the Day-Ahead Market, ancillary services and settlements.

Stakeholders and PJM both had an interest in adding a markets component to the existing PJM certification programs.  Based on the results on an industry-wide survey, PJM formed a cross-functional working group of experienced PJM Market practitioners to develop the exam. The group then worked with a psychometric service vendor with more than 70 years of experience, creating assessments that meet industry standards.

Unlike the mandatory generation and transmission certifications, the markets certification is voluntary.

The markets certification exam does serve as an independent assessment, however, and provides assurance to member companies that an individual has demonstrated a baseline level of knowledge in various PJM markets.

Additionally, some market participants have expressed a desire to have such a credential to add to their resume.

The details of the certification program can be found in the Markets Certification candidate bulletin.  To help with exam preparation, study materials are posted on the Markets Exam Resource Materials web page on the PJM website.