PJM Opens Compliance Hotline to Members and Stakeholders


PJM has opened its compliance hotline to all PJM members and stakeholders, Board of Managers’ Chairman Ake Almgren announced at the March 26 Markets & Reliability Committee meeting.

Employees, vendors, contractors and other non-employees, including specifically PJM members and stakeholders, are encouraged to use the PJM Compliance Line to report any concerns regarding potential violations of PJM’s Code of Conduct, governing documents, applicable laws (including FERC, NERC and ReliabilityFirst), other compliance obligations, or any other concerns about PJM.

The hotline can also be used to report concerns with PJM’s financial reporting, as well as credit risks to the organization that are not being addressed by PJM.

“I am personally committed to strengthening our focus on PJM’s Core Values and Code of Conduct, and I believe that the Compliance Line provides another way for PJM to increase transparency and facilitate our communications with members and stakeholders,” Almgren said in a message to stakeholders.

The PJM Compliance Line, 1 (866) 776-6942, is operated by an independent, confidential third party. Concerns may be reported either with identification or anonymously. The Compliance Line online reporting tool is also available.

Almgren noted that no employee or outside party would be subject to retaliation or adversely affected as a result of making an allegation or raising a compliance concern or question in good faith.