TEAC looks at reliability


PJM presented a preliminary schedule for the upcoming Regional Transmission Expansion Plan competitive window at the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee on April 5.

PJM will have the preliminary base cases available in several weeks and plans to post the initial 2018 RTEP violations in May or June.

PJM also indicated the possibility of opening a shorter window beginning in July or August for N-1-1 voltage issues, separate from the earlier initial results.  PJM is not expecting a significant number of violations in this second window.

With the potential that the first window may open in June, PJM indicated that it will be difficult to have any of the proposed projects ready for submission to the PJM Board in October, resulting in those proposed projects being taken to the board in December.

All interested entities must register for the 2018 RTEP window  to access the data, regardless of prior participation in the PJM competitive process.

Interregional Planning

PJM interregional planning reviewed continued discussions with various interregional committees – such as both the MISO and the New England Interregional Planning Stakeholder Advisory Committees (IPSAC) and neighboring grid operators. PJM presented the topics covered in the meeting as well – modeling and data exchanges, generation de-activations and new generator interconnections, reviews of regional needs and solutions and determination of any more efficient or cost-effective interregional transmission.

There was also a generation deactivation update. While PJM did not have a market efficiency presentation, the most recent slides are available on pjm.com.