PJM Board authorizes $646 million in transmission upgrades


The PJM Board of Managers today authorized $646.35 million of new transmission upgrades to ensure reliable and efficient power supplies for the 65 million people PJM serves.

Five projects include reconfiguring existing transmission lines, replacing wires on transmission lines, replacing transmission lines and towers and installing and replacing major substation equipment.

The largest project replaces the existing Roseland-Branchburg-Pleasant Valley 230-kilovolt corridor, to maintain reliable electricity supplies for Public Service Electric & Gas customers in Union County, N.J. ($546 million).

A third-party condition assessment concluded that transmission line support structures on the 230-kV Roseland-Branchburg-Pleasant Valley line have reached the ends of their lives. Several alternatives were evaluated and considered. Due to cost, feasibility, performance and permitting/siting issues, PJM recommended replacement of the existing structures with new structures.

Other Mid-Atlantic projects: 

  • PPL: Reconfiguration of transmission lines in the Berwick area, including a new 230/69-kV substation and rebuilding two segments of a 69-kV transmission line ($57 million)
  • BGE: Replacing wires on two 230-kV lines and a 115-kV line ($39.6 million)
  • DPL: Installation of a 30 MVAR capacitor bank at the Cool Springs 69-kV Substation ($1.75 million)

The lone Western Region project is replacement of an existing breaker in AEP ($2 million).