PJM Board Approves Latest RTEP Updates


The PJM Board of Managers approved the latest updates to PJM’s Regional Transmission Expansion Plan, or RTEP, Sept. 22.

The updates include changes to one project’s scope and cost, five project cancellations and six baseline reliability projects. PJM’s RTEP process helps to ensure the reliability of the power grid for 65 million people. Full details (PDF) of the projects are posted on PJM.com.

Baseline reliability projects include:

  • Rebuild Skeggs Branch substation as Coronado 138/69 kV station and implement upgrades to support the Buchanan 1 & 2 generator deactivation in the AEP transmission zone
  • Reconductor the Charleroi-Union Junction 138 kV line and upgrade terminal equipment in the APS transmission zone
  • Add forced cooling to increase the normal rating of the Brunot Island-Carson 345 kV underground cable circuit in the DL transmission zone
  • Rebuild the Farmview-South Harrington 138 kV line in the DPL transmission zone
  • Rebuild the Steele-Milford 230 kV line in the DPL transmission zone
  • Rebuild the Vienna-Nelson 138 kV line in the DPL transmission zone

The PJM Board also approved the cancellation of, or changes to, previously approved projects in the American Electric Power (AEP), Duquesne Light (DL), and Jersey Central Power & Light (JCPL) transmission zones. Canceled projects include:

  • The Garden Creek-Whetstone 69 kV line section rebuild baseline project in the AEP transmission zone
  • The Knox Creek Coal-Coal Creek 69 kV line section rebuild in the AEP transmission zone
  • The Whetstone-Knox Creek Coal 69 kV line section rebuild in the AEP transmission zone
  • Eleven projects identified in the DL transmission zone have been canceled following the withdrawal of the deactivation request for Beaver Valley generation units 1 & 2
  • The Allenhurst-Elberon 34.5 kV line upgrade in the JCPL transmission zone

The following scope/cost modifications to previously approved projects include:

  • In the AEP transmission zone, a change in scope will result in the installation of two breakers and bus differential protection at Saltville station.
  • In the Dominion transmission zone, the 115 kV Liberty-Lomar and Cannon Branch-Lomar lines will be converted to a single 230 kV source between Cannon Branch and Liberty in the Dominion transmission zone.

RTEP analysis identifies system violations to reliability criteria and standards, determines the potential to improve the market efficiency and operational performance of the system, and incorporates any public policy requirements.

PJM then develops transmission system enhancements to be integrated into a regional solution set and reviews them with stakeholders through the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee (TEAC) before submitting its recommendation to the Board. Baseline reliability transmission enhancement costs are allocated to PJM load. Details of all approved projects are contained in the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee recommendations (PDF) to the PJM Board. Follow all projects through the process with PJM’s Project Status & Cost Allocation tool.